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The Manitoba (Virtual) Career Fair

January 26, 2023   

9:30 am – 3:30 pm


Over 50 Exhibitors

Over 50 Exhibitors with virtual tradeshow booths, live chat, and links to informative resources.

Keynote Address

Keynote Address

At 12:00 noon we'll live stream a keynote address onsite and hear about some exciting career opportunities in the gaming industry.

Live Stream Events

Live Stream Events All Day

Live stream presentation via Zoom, Facebook, Youtube and other livestreaming platforms happening all day long!

Games and Prizes

Games & Prizes

Door prizes and scavenger hunt with prizes for participants.

Live Stream Sessions Check back for updates to our lineup of live streams


More About the Manitoba Career Fair  

The Manitoba Career Fair is a virtual event, hosted by Manitoba Career Prospects and organized by the Manitoba Tourism Education Council.

The purpose is to help students, parents and educators discover and learn more about the thousands of career opportunities in Manitoba in a multitude of industries. Information about industry trends, major employers and education options will also be available. NOTE: This is NOT not a job fair where employers will promote job openings to job seekers.

Learning opportunities include over 50 exhibitors in a virtual tradeshow environment with live chat, fun and informative live streaming events, games and contests.

Keynote Address: Special thanks to least year's speaker; Breanne Harris, who started her flying career at Perimeter Airlines is now a First Officer for West Jet Airlines! Breanne will be flying Boeing 737s. She spoke about career possibilities in the aviation world and what life is like working at an airline. Stay tuned for information on our new speaker this year!


OUR EXHIBITORS Check back for updates to our lineup of exhibitors

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